AppointmentsIQ has a unique approach to sales recruiting. While we provide all the traditional recruitment services, we also provide a unique methodology that allows for a company to work with a prospective Sales Development Representative (SDR) before having to commit to them as a full time employee.

AppointmentsIQ is an on-demand sales team, specializing in filling the top of the sales funnel for clients. We have a team of experienced SDR’s that are assigned clients and work with them on pay for performance basis. This creates a win-win, in that the SDR can get to work building a pipeline, learning the clients solution and earn some commissions. And, for the client, they get access to an SDR that will start generating sales conversations without having to commit to making them a full time employee. After a period of time developing a business relationship, you have the opportunity the hire the SDR on full time if you’d like.

This solves a few of the common challenges of recruiting an SDR. First, a sales territory or target group of prospects doesn’t remain dormant while you look to hire an SDR. Second, you actually work with the SDR building a business relationship prior to the commitment of bringing them on full time. Finally, you potentially save a lot of time sourcing new SDR’s by working with a firm that specializes in training and developing this talent.