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Like wild animals at the zoo, we’ve been pacing in our cages and watching the world through a window, or screen, for what feels like an eternity. With all the time cooped up, it’s been great for some reflection, building up strength and some fundamental changes. But now, all of a sudden, the doors have flung open and the animals are loose!

Now that we’re all out, the world has turned into a big cocktail party where everyone is being reintroduced. It’s all about that first impression… again. There is some wild energy out there, so you must plan your coming-out party for maximum impact! Here are some important things to keep in mind as you get back out there.

The slate is wiped clean.

“Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder.”- Tina Mowry

Everyone is taking a deep breath and starting from scratch. The pandemic has given us such new perspectives and continuous challenges that the little things have become less important. This means that whatever was holding you back in the past has most likely been forgotten. Seriously. Stop limiting yourself on where you go, who you connect with or what you do or don’t do. This energy is open to new possibilities and connections. Just remember, if you are open to give fresh starts you will get them.

You have to educate everyone.

The organic shifts that happen in business have been expedited in the last year. Businesses that fold, new ones that start and position turnover all are happening at twice the normal rate. There is a major risk of assuming you know where people are or what they do, and they are making dangerous assumptions about you. This means you need to be clear and shout from the rooftops what it is that you do. Take this opportunity to educate your network about your business, what you’re passionate about and the types of clients you work with. Chances are it has shifted and you don’t want out-of-date information limiting your networking.

Be proud of your success- The pandemic has put a cloud of depression over the entire world, with terrible loss and challenges. For businesses that were successful, it can feel a little embarrassing and many kept it a secret that they were doing well. For some, sales went up, productivity increased and new markets were explored. If you’ve been quiet about your success, now is the time to share it! The fog has lifted and people are looking to celebrate and share your success.

With this new wild energy, referrals are at an all-time high. People are eager to connect, do business and be connected. You’ve got to let your community know you are in business, but this is also a great opportunity to add value and make those connections for others.

If you’re not seeing an uptick in leads, it may be time to re-evaluate your strategy. AppointmentsIQ has been patiently planning our coming-out parties and can get your business into fighting shape. Contact us to learn how we can open your floodgates and take advantage of the new world that’s out there.


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