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Appointment Setting

It’s All About ROI:


If you are in an organization with Lead Gen reps or SDR’s you understand the cost if they do not produce. The typically salary for Lead Gen rep ranges from $30,000 – $50,000 and when you think of training, benefits and all of the other factors to retain an employee, the cost is around $60,000 – conservatively.


A metric every company should consider is cost per meeting. Simply take a sales rep total compensation package and divide by the number of meetings they are projected to set. For further evaluation, examine your close ratio and average net income per deal. This will help you understand if hiring sales rep or outsourcing sales makes the most sense for your business.

The question is, can you produce the quantity and quality meetings leveraging AppointmentsIQ vs. hiring or retaining a Lead Gen rep? In most cases he answer is, YES, and there is a plenty of room for margin.

How It works:


AppointmentsIQ is extremely easy to work with. We offer flexible pay-for-performance models and launch clients within five business days of agreement signing. The launch process can be boiled down to three simple steps:


  1. Strategy Session: First we seek to understand your goals and measures of success.  Whom are you trying to reach and why should they listen? You’ve got a lot of clients, but are they the right clients?  Are you introducing a new product or service? Are you entering into a new territory or calling on a new industry? Once we fully understand your objectives and target audience, we’ll begin our research and building a lead list

  2. Launch: As saying goes, content is king.  Over time and through experience we’ve developed several pieces of content that will assist in garnering engagement.  We’ll work closely with you to develop messaging that properly conveys your value proposition to your ideal clients.   As prospects engage, we understand the most efficient path to ultimately facilitate an appointment between you and the prospects

  3. Analysis and Results: Once the appointment setting campaign is launched, it’s all about results.  Leveraging the latest in campaign management technology, we are able to see key performance indicators, which tell us the likelihood of success.  How are the response rates, click rates and number of appointments set? Our system is dynamic, it can and will adapt with the focus being on ROI.

Maximize results by:


Optimizing a Landing Page: Your website in most cases is your first impression, and can determine if a potential prospect will engage with you.  But it takes more than just good information to entice a sales call. Instead of sending traffic to your homepage we recommend sending them to a landing page that coincides with your marketing campaign with calls to action.  Think about the top three questions your prospects normally have, and answer them on this page. Make it easy to collect information, but setting up a “subscribe” to newsletter or blog. Put in a form to request a call. The quicker you answer your prospects questions and the easier you make it to engage, the more likely you are to set up a qualified call.  


Video Business Card: What’s your story, what value do you bring clients?  There is no better way to tell your story than a video business card. Prospects engage with people, not just companies.  Give prospects multiple way to connect with you and most importantly let them know who you are with a simple video of yourself and your value proposition


LinkedIn Prospecting: You’ve worked hard over the years in building your LinkedIn network, now it’s time to harvest the fruits of your labor. With advanced AI and software, we are now able to automate the connection process and set up one-to-one marketing campaigns.  By connecting on LinkedIn, you are humanizing the outreach process, and making it easy for prospects to do their due diligence, which leads to more efficient calls.


Re-targeting: We’ve all been to a website checking out a product or service, then noticed ads for that product/service following you around the web.  With our sales campaigns we are gathering information on your prospects, which then turn allow us to target your prospect as they surf the web. Your best prospects are the ones who visited your site, researched your product/service.  Re-targeting keeps you top-of-mind until the prospect is ready to engage.

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