Sales & Marketing Recruiting

AIQ focuses their sales and marketing recruiting practice on what they know, which is people. We care more that the candidate is going to be the right fit for your organization, then just filling the role. Our goal at AiQ is to send you one candidate and you hire that person. 

AppointmentsIQ has a unique approach to sales and marketing recruiting. We value quality over quantity and we always make sure that the candidates we are sending to our clients meet all the criteria. We help hiring managers to spend their time wisely when it comes to recruiting process.

Increase your lead generation and appointments setting today!

Our job doesn't end by making a placement- we help our candidates to succeed in their role. How do we do that? Since AppointmentsIQ had been primarily established as an on-demand sales team, we offer coaching and training on finding prospects and identifying leads for our sales candidates.

AppointmentsIQ also offers an on-demand sales team, specializing in filling the top of the sales funnel for clients. We have a team of experienced SDR's that are assigned clients and act as an extension of their team. Our mission is to establish long lasting relationships with clients and put the right people to the right jobs. 

Heads of Recruiting


Tyler Beth

Head of Recruiting

After nine years of working in digital marketing and sales, Tyler made a career change into Recruiting. Why the change? He saw an opportunity, in that most recruiters don't know anything about the jobs they are recruiting for and therefore cast the widest net, hoping someone sticks. Instead, Tyler tries to find the perfect candidate for the job. It may take a few weeks longer, but there is less turnover and everyone is happy!

Barbora Stanikova

Director of Candidate Placement

Barbora has worked as a corporate and staffing recruiter for 3 years, both in the United States and in Europe. She has a proven track record of successful placements, especially in IT and insurance field. She found her passion for recruiting, HR and organizational psychology during her graduate degree program in psychology. After completing her master`s degree in Europe, she decided to start her career as a corporate recruiter for a large international insurance company, and after moving to the United States, she continued in the same career path, however; for a staffing agency. What she finds most exciting about recruitment is not only the dynamic and fast-paced part of it, but also the opportunity to change the lives of people who are looking for the right job opportunities. Barbora has been a sport lover since her childhood. She fell for volleyball at the age of 11 and ever since, volleyball became the part of her everyday life as she started playing a professional league. She also enjoys skiing, kickboxing and hiking. Besides sports, she loves reading books, visiting opera and orchestra performances and spending her time with close friends and family.

Rachel Rutland

Sr. Director of Client Management

Digital Media Advertising Sales Director with 15 Years of Experience in Cross-Platform, 360 Degree Solution Selling to Fortune 500 Companies. Verticals: CPG, Financial, Travel, Retail, Spirits, Pharma, Technology, Healthcare, etc. Specializing in: Paid Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest), Mobile, Video, Display, Native, Tablet, Connected TV, Audience Targeting & Data, Custom Content & Creative, Programmatic, etc.