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Bring Your Banjo: Using a “Lucky Mindset” to Generate New Opportunities

With a Banjo on My Back, and Luck on my side...

The world is a big place, you never know who you’ll run into at any given time. Such was the case on my recent visit to Texas: I headed there in search of new business opportunities. Of course, being the music geek that I am, I brought my newfound hobby: a 5-string banjo. After several meetings in Houston, it was high time to hit the trail to the Live Music Capital of the World - Austin, TX.

I spent an afternoon walking down 6th Street, the 9-block commercial district near downtown. The scene was mesmerizing: Historic Victorian architecture for several blocks and nearly every storefront had its windows wide open. Pouring into the thick Texas air were the glorious sounds of live music, of every class and category one could imagine. Without expectations, my 6th Street stroll wouldn’t have been complete without 2 important things: My Lucky Mindset, and the banjo on my back - in case I found an opportunity to strum away.

Just my luck, the opportunity found me! I stopped at a random venue, to get relief from the hot sun. A local singer-songwriter was on a small stage, pouring out his soul through his guitar and voice. After noticing me walk in with “Ban Jovi” strapped to my back, he finished his song, pointed at me and said, “Hey man, come jam with me!”

To be sure, the gesture took me by surprise, but I had a secret weapon. I was prepared. Without missing a beat, I hopped on the dingy stage and we played a few songs together. It felt like we had been performing together for years as if it was all part of the show - but we didn’t even know each other’s names! As soon as we finished, I traded contacts with the singer and several others in the crowd; expanding my network and generating new sales opportunities.

It’s stories like this that prove how Successful Network Marketing can instantly change your luck and your wallet. For theBusiness Development Professional, it’s vital to success and begins with what I call “The Lucky Mindset.”

The Lucky Mindset and How to Use it

“Luck” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Simply stuff your pockets with golden horseshoes, walk into any ol’ place, and the deal-of-a-lifetime will fall in your lap! Well now, hold on Cowpoke; a few basic principles need to be applied before mastering the Networking rodeo.

Preparation + Opportunity = Luck

Mirriam-Webster defines “Luck” as: A force that brings good fortune.

Every so often, the sales professional may close a deal out of “sheer luck...”

Can you relate? Have you ever gotten lucky with a deal? If so, read that definition again.

The other keyword here is “Force.” A term used in physics, referring to “an energy exerted: an act of power.” Therefore implying that “luck” is not a mystical roll-of-the-dice, but a mindset that one may exert on a situation. The energy you exert goes everywhere you do, and if applied properly will create luck - especially when networking.

How to Harness Your Power.

Preparing for luck to strike.

Step 1, Know Your Outcome: It may sound simple, but fundamentals are the key to success. An archer can’t hit their target if they don’t know where it is. Likewise, before walking into any room, have a clear picture of what it is you want to accomplish. What does success look like for you? Be specific.

Step 2, Do Your Homework: Understand your product/service. Educate yourself beforehand. As a representative of your company; it’s less important to have all the answers, but absolutely vital to understand any question that may arise. If you can do that, finding the answer will be easy, and your rapport will skyrocket.

Step 3, Prepare: Have your pitch ready to go. Bring your Best - or as I like to say - Bring Your Banjo. Make sure it’s with you; in tune and ready to go. Keep it short and sweet. Find something unique or interesting to highlight. You may have noticed, I didn't say, “bring your guitar” ;-)

Step 4, Relax: If you’ve followed steps 2 and 3: that means you’re ready to write a college textbook on the subject, and you’ve got a flashy “zinger” to seal the deal. Steps 2 and 3, by themselves, are a sure-fire way to lose opportunities. Learn it, own it - then forget it, throw it all away. A true Martial Artist practices their craft, so they will never have the need to use it. Just be yourself, take a breath, and keep confident that the perfect opportunity is well on it’s way.

Step 5, Find Opportunities and Capitalize: Step 4 says “Relax” but notice, it does not say “Sit Back and Relax”. If you’re going to get a lucky break, you also need to put yourself in the right places. Go where you can meet people: Join a club with others that share your hobbies - you’ll be amazed at how a simple acquaintance may turn into a business opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals outside of the business environment! A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Step 6, Grow Your Network: Professional networking is by far the easiest way to generate more luck in your business development. Appointments IQ and Tony P’s Networking host over 100 events each year, providing you the perfect opportunity to shape and master your Lucky Mindset. Not only that, but you just might be lucky enough to create fruitful bonds to last a lifetime. Find a Networking event near you.


It might not happen every time or at every event, but the more you practice these 6 steps, the luckier you will be. I know I am. Preparation + Opportunity = Luck.


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