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Insights from the frontline: Recruitment

Time and time again, “good talent is hard to find,” rings ever more true. And now, unlike ever before employees are in high demand. They are getting multiple offers, counteroffers and for talented professionals, they've got a variety of excellent options to choose from.

In the last 20 months, we’ve seen a lot of highs and probably even more lows in business. For employees and new highers, there's been even more transition happening than normal. Here are some of the top trends and how to successfully navigate them.

The key to success during “The Great resignation”.

Many employees took time during 2020 to reflect on their jobs and companies. Given the extreme circumstances, massive burnout and empty corporate values, many employees are expected and have started to leave their positions.

“In the US alone, April saw more than four million people quit their jobs, according to a summary from the Department of Labor – the biggest spike on record.” Source

This means that there’s a lot of great talent out there, but they just aren’t going to put up with a toxic environment. Each and every candidate I interview asks about a company’s culture. It is the employer’s responsibility to develop, share and promote a culture that attracts the best talent. Be prepared to answer questions about the hiring manager, team and benefits. Including more people in the hiring process will give a clearer picture of the opportunity (for both parties).

What remote work means for recruiting. Now that employees and employers are comfortable with remote work, many employees are demanding it. Giving your team flexibility in where they work can go a long way in influencing their decision to work with you.

It’s also opened up the talent pool in positive and negative ways. For those that have a very clear job description and particular requirements, you are now no longer limited to a candidate’s physical location. Your talent pool is larger and that means more options for the employer. However, those talented employees are comparing your business and offer to a much wider pool of employers. Are you ready to compete with the Google and Facebooks of the world?

74% of professionals expect remote work to become standard. Source

Clarity and transparency are even more appreciated. Just like being in a relationship, it’s best to first know yourself first. Unlike a relationship, you can get exactly what you want, but you have to know what that is. Recruiters need to know exactly what makes a great fit down to the last detail so they can find your perfect match. What are the technical skills that are expected, what personality styles succeed in the role, what are they even going to be doing all day? Don’t wait for someone to start the job for them to find out it isn’t what they expected. Just like no one should be surprised when they get fired, no one should be surprised when they start a new job. Creating alignment and clear expectations ensures you attract the right candidate and set them up for long-term success. Our communication skills have been through a lot and COVID has distorted a lot of how we perceive and communicate with each other.

“One impact is that, the less contact we have with other people, the more we become suspicious of other people.” Source

Clarity and transparency can help alleviate stress and suspicion for applicants that will attract better talent and a better experience for all.

Just like Greg Dekalb mentioned in his blog The Great Bounce Back, we’re seeing things coming in hot, fast and furious. With business booming and recruitment demands high, you don’t want to get into a dangerous position. Working with a white glove recruiting service like AppointmentsIQ is a great way to maximize your efforts and have the experts guide you to the perfect candidate match.


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